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TwoFer 66 – Execute Order 66

HOLY CRAP! This is a great episode! Zach and Mark start off the show RIGHT! Mark still has pants on and went to another local comic con. Zach hates Audcity. And since it’s spelled “anime” – shouldn’t it be pronounced “an IME”? Mark gets verbally stroked by Zach – and introducing for the latest episode of all the BLodpods.

Monster Energy Drink is produced by Satan – as well as some little kid telling a street preache to STFU!

Matthew McConaughey Jokes.. What do all of Matthew McConaughey’s pencils say? “I’ll Write, I’ll Write, I’ll Write” (Ba-dum-bum – PSH!)

And much much more – listen to the gooey goodness inside.

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

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