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TwoFer 57: Back To Two, Too

Zach and Mark make it a true(fer) TwoFer Podcast – it’s back to the two of them talking about everything from being sick to Zach watching the movie “Prisoners” – and eventually, work their way into Game of Thrones (AKA Tits and Dragons). Mark and Zach Make plans to see Kevin Smith’s latest Movie, “Tusk” so they can have a Spoilerific TwoFer Tusk Review.

Zach Visits Houston for Houston Restaurant Week, and Casey’s Car Breaks Down – and if it were Zach’s car, he’d have been raped in Houston. There’s so much more to this episode than what’s in the description, you’re going to have to listen to take it all in. That’s right, Take it all in.

This is the TRUE essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

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