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TwoFer 47: Oh Sh…

TwoFer 47 – Oh Sh…

In this episode Zach is recovering from his tragic illness and keeps reminding Mark how valuable Zach is to the podcast (how he carried the last episode without his co-host at the end). They both get right into it with Kevin Smith’s haters, and talk about Zach’s first session with a therapist.

The contest is still going… they got some GREAT entries. But ends Friday, July 4th at MIDNIGHT EST! They got great feedback from the Twitterverse on Mark’s power outtage, and Both Zach and Mark Review some movies (Zach’s review on Pain and Gain, and Mark’s Review on Transformers – and another bit of a review on 22 Jumpstreet by Zach)

You’ll have to tune in for the other good stuff that happens in the show – talking about the contestants battling it out for the TwoFer T-Shirt!

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

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