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TwoFer 40: Lensflares

EPISODE 40, Y0! In this episode, Zach and Mark talk bout everything from Facebook Trolls and movies – to Zach’s music endeavor with a friend (Geighbors). Mark had a Facebook trolling incident after posting an opinion on the new Spiderman movie. They talk about some Star Wars VS Star Trek, and the wonderful lensflares by JJ Abrams – Mark lets Zach in on a little secret about the movie magic that JJ uses in ALL his damn films, and how he stalked… errrr… followed Kate Mulgrew (of Star Trek Voyager fame) several years ago. But, it’s much more interesting than what you’re reading, now.  Believe me.  Mark is in the middle of a tornado warning and needs to exit the show abruptly.

…and that – Ladies and Gents, is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

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