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TwoFer 31: How To Lose An Airplane In 10 Days

This episode is only half as long the boys’ typical efforts because of time constraints but entertaining nonetheless.


In which Mark and Zach talk about:

  • How one loses a plane
  • Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ and ‘Outliers’ , once more
  • Magic! Not the gathering
  • True Detective/Cosmos/HBO GO Disaster
  • Hannibal – The series/Buffalo Bill doppelganger
  •  What’s in a (twitter) name? The short and probably incorrect story of @N
  • “I knew that was going to happen.” and other such people

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast

If you would like to pick up a copy of either of Malcolm Gladwell’s books ‘Outliers’ or ‘Blink’ feel free to use our links below and simultaneously get two great reads as well as help support our show!


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