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TwoFer 85 – Five Percent

In this episode Zach and Mark go to town on everything. Zach watched Fast & Furious 6, had a run in with the Bank Of America that could have been a scam, Blink 182’s performances without Tom, movie trailers and more. Mark and Zach talk about Mission Impossible 5, The Transporter Refueled, Net Neutrality, Religion and money – and creating Christianity 2.0. There’s so much good shit in this episode that you have to listen to “take it all in” (that’s what she said).

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast.

TwoFer 84 – The Basic Bitch Episode

In this episode Zach and Mark – aw hell, this episode was a nightmare from the beginning. Hence, the title of the episode. The boys start out ok, but there were some problems with Skype and Mark’s computer, a few minutes in, Mark gets a phone call and spills his drink all over the place, and for the next 15 minutes, it’s an episode of Just Zach – or in this case, Just Ed (You’ll understand if you stick with the episode).

This episode is brought to you by Mark’s Phone call and Lipton Brisk Ice Tea with Lemon.

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast’s “Basic Bitch Episode”.

TwoFer 83 – 16 Inch Sausage

In this episode Zach and Mark catch back up from a week off, and get right down to it. Zach’s catching up on some great TV, Mark’s developing a cosplay for the comic cons that he’s visiting this month for his “other” show. Zach is going to see pubic hair – also known as the band, “Bush” – and they hit up the latest tech news with Apple’s new $10,000.00 watch…. WTF?? $10K???

There’s plenty more in this episode, but I can’t remember everything…. what do you want from me?? I’m NOT A MACHINE!!!!

This is the true essence of the TwoFer podcast.

TwoFer 82 – Podblocked America

In this episode Zach and Mark talk about some video gaming, the iPhone voice/data combos available on Verizon Wireless, First World ComCast Problems, Bill Murray’s movie St. Vincent, Mark at Wizard World Cleveland and his wife getting an autograph from her favorite comic book artist and writer – James O’Barr.

That leads into 1994’s The Crow with Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, and a quick mention of Chuck Norris.
Later, they hit up Texas and Snow and compared to Canadians and Snow… There’s so much going on in this episode that you actually have to listen to get it all!

This is the true essence of the TwoFer podcast.