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TwoFer 54: Bronchitis-o-saurus Rex

In this episode Mark is dying and doesn’t have enough time to live in order to finish the episode. Just kidding, he has bronchitis, but is a trooper! He still recorded the episode for the fans and faithful listeners! Zach and Mark Talk more about the upcoming changes to the Podsortium, Zach watches a pretty good movie called, “The Place Beyond The Pines”, the loss of Sir Richard Attenborough. Zach’s Move is complete… and Mark chimes in about his moving history (6 times – and how all his stuff used to fit in one car).

Quite a few tidbits of information in such a short time span…

This is the TRUE essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

TwoFer 54: Move Along

In this episode Zach and Mark BS about a lot of things. That’s what they do every week. They sit down and shoot the shit with one another. They talk about Zach’s move, trying to get celebs on the show, touch back on Robin Williams, then talk about Kevin Smith (trying to get him on the show, folks – we need to ask him LOADS of questions about his new movie “Tusk” debuting in September.)

Zach and Mark talk about binge watching shows on Netflix, More on Guardians of the Galaxy, a little technical difficulty, and then hitting up some politics, and Zach tells a funny.

This is the TRUE essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

TwoFer 53: In Memoriam: Goodbye Robin Williams

In this episode Zach and Mark are depressed. But they start out strong but overall, stayed on the depresing side of things. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart Kills a young man. Mark puts the beat down on his daughter’s new boyfriend, and we remember the great Robin Williams.

This is the TRUE depression of the TwoFer Podcast

TwoFer 52: Guardians of the Galaxy!

In this episode Zach and Mark revie Guardians of the Galaxy – but not before a special introduction to the show to help you celebrate 52 awesome weeks of the TwoFer Podcast! 1 Year’s worth of episodes! That’s right folks, it’s been a friggen year!

Before they get into the review, Zach mentions his fondness for people mispronouncing words, and more on the awesome nephew with updates. Finally, most of the episode revolves around Guardians of the Galaxy and a few words of verbal dick sucking of the all mighty Kevin Smith. They need your help folks – they want to get him on the show!

Lastly, there’s some Podsortium News!

This is the TRUE essence of the TwoFer Podcast