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TwoFer 51: Redeux

In this episode Zach and Mark are at it again! (literally – they lost the episode and had to re-record it; hence the name of this episode) Well, long story short, they talk about redoing the show, riff trax on their last episode (with their first episode), they hit upon the contest they had a few weeks back (Yes, Packie, Mark’s on it – why Yes, Joe, please text Mark that Address.) and also talking about Quentin Tarantino movies and what’s going to happen with Kill Bill.

Mark and Zach talk about how awesome Kevin Smith is for his talents and start to verbally suck his dick about the “Tusk” Trailer, then move right into the Deadpool Test Footage with Ryan Reynolds.

Zach DARES the audience members to watch the movie, “Sabotage”, and more!

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

(there are links at the top of the posts for part 2, etc…)

Read it. Let us know what you think. Would you like to see it turned it into a movie?
Would you like to see Mark write it?
Let us know! @TwoFerPod on Twitter #NetflixMovie

TwoFer 50: Riff Trax

In this episode Zach and Mark Riff on their own stuff! That’s right, we’re taking it back… way back – to our first episode as the TwoFer Podcast. We have no shame in talking about ourselves. So much so, that we couldn’t get enough and we had to give you twice the dosage. You can hear the the awesomeness that starts it all. In fact, hear us then, as opposed to now – and listen to the quality difference. Well, the AUDIO quality difference, that is.

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

PS, Zach is a new uncle and he talks about something fun on Reddit (TIFU: )

TwoFer 49: Not The Facebook Updates

TwoFer 49 – Not The Facebook Updates

In this episode, Zach and Mark start off with some technical difficulties, but pick it up like it ain’t no thang. Zach talks about his trip back to College Station (Texas, for those of you who don’t know – and for those of you who don’t, you should – what the hell is wrong with you?) and his stay at the world’s shittiest hotel. Both talk about therapy and therapists (incidentally, did you know that if you space out the word “therapist”, you get the words, “The Rapist”?) Mark needs a new computer and Hash Tag, “#thisusedtobe”.

Also, Mark and Zach will never EVER earn their red wings…………… ever.

Oh, and there’s a bunch of Star Wars stuff in there.

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

TwoFer 48: Winner Winner

TwoFer 48 – Winner Winner

In this episode… fuck it, we have a winner! That’s right, we have a winner! But you won’t know who it is unless you listen! We announce it somewhere in the episode, but you’ll have to listen in order to find out WHO it is!

Here are our contest entries!

Joe #1:
Packie #1:
Patrick #1:
Toby #1:

Joe #2:
Packie #2:

Joe #3:

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

TwoFer 47: Oh Sh…

TwoFer 47 – Oh Sh…

In this episode Zach is recovering from his tragic illness and keeps reminding Mark how valuable Zach is to the podcast (how he carried the last episode without his co-host at the end). They both get right into it with Kevin Smith’s haters, and talk about Zach’s first session with a therapist.

The contest is still going… they got some GREAT entries. But ends Friday, July 4th at MIDNIGHT EST! They got great feedback from the Twitterverse on Mark’s power outtage, and Both Zach and Mark Review some movies (Zach’s review on Pain and Gain, and Mark’s Review on Transformers – and another bit of a review on 22 Jumpstreet by Zach)

You’ll have to tune in for the other good stuff that happens in the show – talking about the contestants battling it out for the TwoFer T-Shirt!

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!