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TwoFer 46: Google Hang-UPs

TwoFer 46 – Google Hang-UPs

In this episode Zach is sick! And Mark apologizes for no panoramic photo from his lighthouse excursion because zach made him feel unworthy of photographic skills. Zach sneezes orange goldfish crackers – and the TwoFer T-Shirt Contest is still going on… get your submissions in!
BOOM! Mark’s power goes out and Zach has to finish the show solo style.

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast – wait… what?

TwoFer 45: Don’t Stick Your Head Out The Window

TwoFer 45 – Don’t Stick Your Head Out The Window

In this episode Zach and Mark just go all balls out on everything.  They’ve got Two, count ’em TWO entries into the TwoFer T-Shirt giveaway!  And they go on to talk about some Father’s Day stuff.  Zach coins the phrase, “none fun”, and goes into further issues with BB&T (big butts and tits bank) and he’s on hold for forever and hopes they made a mistake in his favor.

Mark gives some sound financial advice, and Zach continues to listen to his new vinyls that he acquired and conned Packie out of his digital copy of “The World’s End”.

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast

TwoFer 44: The CIA And Masonic Rule

Episode 44 – The CIA And Masonic Rule

In this episode Zach and Mark go from 0 to 60 in, well, an hour. They talk about The latest release of Down the Bunny Hole, to Podblocked’s 100th episode, along with the CIA and wanting to get them to follow us on Twitter. The best Pizza, Terrible Italian food that really shouldn’t be, tipping your servers when they don’t deserve it, Billie Piper’s Breasts on Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”, common sense and more.

Some topics of interest:
PickleJuice Sport

Google Chrome’s Extension that will allow you to watch UK Netflix (as well as UK watchin ours): Download the “HOLA” extension, go onto netflix, and switch the region from USA to UK (or vise versa).

Mark’s interesting package he got in the mail.
Zach shipped out the first BLodPods’ contest winner’s Poster

Zach’s love of long file names to fuck with Joe and some Freemason bullshit – along with Ignorance…

This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast!

TwoFer 43: Lesbian Porn

Episode 43 – Lesbian Porn
Mark’s still Old and Zach lives in the bible belt.
running and lung capacity after smoking
Mark saw maleficent, and wants to see 1,000,000 ways to die in the west.

Zach threw a surprise party for Casey. The confusion for proposal vs what actually happened.

Zach loves CitiBank.

Down the Bunnyhole episode 3 has dropped.

XMEN – Days of future past broke some monetary records…
Zach sends Mark a Doctor Who item online… and talks about hot topic and vinyl records.

Zach’s objection against Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and almost soft core pornographic scene with Orlando Bloom.

Zach’s Review of Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.
Edgar Wright – separated ways with Marvel on antman.

Hollywood’s reboot of Stargate.
Hollywood needs new ideas… and a reboot.

Movie shooting on your iPhone 101.

Mark’s criticism on art films – like blank piece of paper for three minutes with terrible new age music.
Art is subjective.

TNA on Cable.

Cat Stevens… is a douche.
Dave Grohl is awesome.

Gene Simmons and his old reality show “The Family Jewels”

Adding sound effects – to reading the news headlines.
Zach has his own sound board.

Mark’s contest still stands, get yourself on YouTube telling Bruce Willis to go fuck himself and Mark will send you a TwoFer T-Shirt.
Post the link on the TwoFer Wall for the whole world to see and you could be a winner!

BLodPods – Contest for the Contest Spiderman Marvel Team up with the first appearance of Mocking Bird.

Zach’s love of well done lesbian porn

All apologies fellow TwoFer listener’s there were some technical difficulties when editing this episode. If at times it seems slightly out of sync, it is. I did my best.