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TwoFer 16: GeniTALES

In This episode Zach and Mark Talk about the weather – moving on to more important stuff, and eventually landing harshly on Genitals… Hence the name of this episode, “GeniTALES”. This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast – oh, and pay no attention to Mark’s closing remarks on the show. He’s a dumb ass for calling it tangent-bound. What a loser…. (Mark wrote this, by the way.)

TwoFer 15: Purge This

In this episode, Mark and Zach catch up on the full – “back to the grind” episode since Zach’s initial absence – and Zach rags on Mark throughout the show for being old – because he’s fucking 40! Yeah, that old Mother Fucker is ancient! Our wonderful hosts also talk about Kevin Smith, Kevin’s Movies and more about Kevin. Then they talk about the stupid movie, the purge and tell Bruce Willis to go fuck himself. This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast

TwoFer 14: …Over

TwoFer 14 …Over In this episode, you join a show already in progress… Yup, Crossing Over from the Tangent-Bound Podcast. This is the continuation of the conversation of the Tangent sensation. Three folks sitting down – starting off on the other show and ending up on this one. What better way to do an episode? For the first half of this conversation, you’ll probably want to check out the Tangent-Bound Podcast, over at After that, come back and listen to this (another), yet, amazing epsisode! Or, don’t. This episode is quality all on it’s own. This is the true essence of the TwoFer Podcast

TwoFer 13: Unlucky 13

Poor Zach has departed from this great Earth and arrived in his own personal hell that is also known as work. However, fear not TwoFer minions, Zach gave Mark a hall pass on this one and allowed a one time hostful cheat. Yes, Mark was able to pull in the number one fan (not himself or… well, Zach) Patrick (@GhostDirector). Yeah, that’s right, Patrick! He said he wasn’t doing anything anyway, so, why not, right? Enjoy this special episode of the TwoFer Podcast with special guest, Patrick – as they talk about everything from coffee (twice), trips to Mars, spousal burning, and more.